Judith Hofland and Dawn-Marie Mak; Galerie Sophie, The Hague

Galerie Sophie 01 Judith Hofland

During Hoogtij (the quarterly art exhibition evening in The Hague) and the following weekend Galerie Sophie had a small but nice and very short running exhibition with two artists.

Galerie Sophie 02 Judith Hofland

Judith Hofland showed an interesting interactive installation about cheese making and eco-friendly farming,

Galerie Sophie 03 Judith Hofland

in which the viewer could him/herself change the noise and the video projected in the cheese making barrel

Galerie Sophie 04 Judith Hofland

from quite harmonious to disturbed.

Galerie Sophie 05 Dawn-Marie Mak

Dawn-Marie Mak showed some paintings based on remembrances.

Galerie Sophie 06 Dawn-Marie Mak

Some forgotten parts of the memory are not painted

Galerie Sophie 07 Dawn-Marie Mak

while other details are stressed.

Galerie Sophie 08 Dawn-Marie Mak

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Content of the pictures courtesy the artists and Galerie Sophie.


Bertus Pieters


Thomas Kuijpers, Paradigma II; Lief Hertje en de Grote Witte Reus (LhGWR), The Hague

Thomas Kuijpers 01

Thomas Kuijpers (1985) shows works of the last two years at LhGWR gallery.

Thomas Kuijpers 02

The exhibition is in its last week, so hurry up to see it!

Thomas Kuijpers 03

Kuijpers shows images that seem to tell us something according to the times we live in.

Thomas Kuijpers 04

But do they? As images also make us preconditioned.

Thomas Kuijpers 05

Kuijpers was in Brussels last year when the city was more or less in a state of siege after the Paris terror attacks.

Thomas Kuijpers 06

He collected some things from the streets that seemed to have a special significance at that time in that place (as they could still have).

Thomas Kuijpers 07

He also collected a cardboard box with Arab texts, on another side it said in English it contained shampoo.

Thomas Kuijpers 08

Thomas Kuijpers 09

Go and visit the show to see what these Arabic slogans mean (if they are slogans…) or

Thomas Kuijpers 10

Thomas Kuijpers 11

to see if Jihadi is just another brand.

Thomas Kuijpers 12

In a way the show is highly evocative, even

Thomas Kuijpers 13

if the image is in itself not evocative like in De eerste maandag van de maand (First Monday of the month) where you can hear the alarm sirens testing while normal life just goes on.

Thomas Kuijpers 14

Thomas Kuijpers 15

Thomas Kuijpers 16

Personally I think the Gesture series, with handshakes of world leaders greeting each other for press photographers, is a bit less evocative or meaningful because of its repetition.

Thomas Kuijpers 17

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Content of all pictures courtesy Thomas Kuijpers and LhGWR

Bertus Pieters

Façades of The Hague #15

0112 Jacob Catsstraat

Decorative advertising on a wall, Jacob Catsstraat, in art deco style, 1920s.  Text: J. Hoekzema, house & decor(ation) painter, Jac(ob) Catsstr(aat) 2.

0113 Jacob Catsstraat

Reconstruction of the original and a municipal monument (the building itself isn’t a registered monument).


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All pictures were taken in March 2016.


Bertus Pieters

Miranda Meijer and Astrid Nobel; A Gallery Named Sue, The Hague


At A Gallery Named Sue is a good presentation of works by Astrid Nobel and Miranda Meijer.



Nobel reflects on a combination of aspects like hiding or mythologizing reality, in this case the wood in this construction, is real, but only under its cover of gesso and ink.


Also, it doesn’t lead you anywhere.


Nobel’s other piece is called Lacus somniorum (Lake of Dreams), which is one of the so-called seas on the Moon. It more or less has the shape of the Lacus and consists of ink drawn waves.


But it is not just a set of connotations that make this work: the open parts of the flaking frame combined with the irregular mass of waves that can’t flow away have a charm of their own.



Nobel’s work combines surprisingly well with Meijer’s (colour) pencil drawings.


MMAN 10 Miranda Meijer

MMAN 11 Miranda Meijer

Meijer leaves any connotations to the spectator, but, like Nobel, she shows that she is the artist who is in power to speak to the spectator’s mind.

MMAN 12 Miranda Meijer

MMAN 14 Miranda Meijer

On Villa La Repubblica i wrote a short article about this specific work.

MMAN 15 Miranda Meijer

Click here to read the article (in Dutch).

MMAN 13 Miranda Meijer

This well presented exhibition is in its last week, so hurry up to see it!

MMAN 16 Miranda Meijer

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Content of the pictures courtesy the artists and A Gallery Named Sue.

Bertus Pieters

Raquel Maulwurf, Dark days – Bright nights; Livingstone Gallery, The Hague

Raquel Maulwurf 01

Raquel Maulwurf 02

Raquel Maulwurf 03

Raquel Maulwurf has become more or less a household name at Livingstone Gallery.

Raquel Maulwurf 04

Raquel Maulwurf 05

Raquel Maulwurf 06

Her darkish landscapes, apparently devoid of human life, are the perfect decor for a Greek tragedy where the light is the blistering breath of the gods themselves.

Raquel Maulwurf 07

Raquel Maulwurf 08

Raquel Maulwurf 09

A nice surprise are her mini Maulwurfs. Monumentality on a small surface.

Raquel Maulwurf 10

Raquel Maulwurf 11

Raquel Maulwurf 12

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Content of the pictures courtesy Raquel Maulwurf and Livingstone Gallery


Bertus Pieters

Zhivago Duncan, The constant interloper; Livingstone Gallery, The Hague

Zhivago Duncan 01

Zhivago Duncan 02

Zhivago Duncan 03

Livingstone Gallery introduces works by Zhivago Duncan (not a pseudonym; 1980), a multidisciplinary artist who is interested in many things, amongst them post-apocalyptic landscape and model making.

Zhivago Duncan 04

Zhivago Duncan 05

Zhivago Duncan 06

His works on canvas look quite expressive, but they are silkscreened and partly covered with ink.

Zhivago Duncan 07

Zhivago Duncan 08

There is even a work made by a painting machine, operated by Duncan, properly called Muscle Memory Painting.

Zhivago Duncan 09

Zhivago Duncan 10

It is a small but interesting introduction.

Zhivago Duncan 11

Zhivago Duncan 12

It would be interesting to see more works and with more space around them.

Zhivago Duncan 13

Zhivago Duncan 14

But before that, take a look now!

Zhivago Duncan 15

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Content of the pictures courtesy Zhivago Duncan and Livingstone Gallery


Bertus Pieters

Façades of The Hague #14

0083 Stille Veerkade

Corner building Wagenstraat – Stille Veerkade.

0084 Stille Veerkade Wagenstraat

Judging from its fine art deco-like decorations it was probably built or rebuilt around the First World War or in the 1920s.

0085 Stille Veerkade Wagenstraat

It once housed a bakery where i used to buy my daily bread. Now it has a Moroccan restaurant.

0086 Wagenstraat

On Wagenstraat side there is a Chinese gate in front of it as you enter Chinatown.

0087 Wagenstraat

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All pictures taken in March 2016.


Bertus Pieters

Simon Senn, Trespassages; Nest, The Hague

Simon Senn 01

I visited Simon Senn’s show Trespassages at Nest to write a review for Villa La Repubblica. Click here to read the review in combination with the present shows in Pulchri and Maurits van de Laar gallery (in Dutch).

Simon Senn 02

Senn works with a mixture of performances, photography and video.

Simon Senn 03

The actors in the video’s may or may not have a more or less directed role. More or less, as being in front of a camera always changes a person. That is an inclusive aspect of Senn’s actions and videos.

Simon Senn 04

Senn is trying hard not to give a moral judgement on his subjects, but on the other hand he forces the viewer to review his/her own moral (or other) judgement.

Simon Senn 05

Simon Senn 06

This works quite well in the photo project Salon Kennedy I-VI in which Senn asked a psychologist to write a psychological report based on photo’s of different individuals, or

Simon Senn 07

Simon Senn 08

in Meadowlands Zone 1 where South Africans are asked to take part in a contest of who can give the most furious speech.

Simon Senn 09

Simon Senn 10

On the other hand i don’t see much of a point in offhandedly asking questions as an outsider to people of an inward looking community like in Purlieus Tales. You get what you expect and the cliché becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Simon Senn 11

Nevertheless, take your time and have a look yourself as it’s an interesting show and very well presented.

Simon Senn 12

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Content of pictures courtesy Simon Senn and Nest


Bertus Pieters