Simon Senn, Trespassages; Nest, The Hague

Simon Senn 01

I visited Simon Senn’s show Trespassages at Nest to write a review for Villa La Repubblica. Click here to read the review in combination with the present shows in Pulchri and Maurits van de Laar gallery (in Dutch).

Simon Senn 02

Senn works with a mixture of performances, photography and video.

Simon Senn 03

The actors in the video’s may or may not have a more or less directed role. More or less, as being in front of a camera always changes a person. That is an inclusive aspect of Senn’s actions and videos.

Simon Senn 04

Senn is trying hard not to give a moral judgement on his subjects, but on the other hand he forces the viewer to review his/her own moral (or other) judgement.

Simon Senn 05

Simon Senn 06

This works quite well in the photo project Salon Kennedy I-VI in which Senn asked a psychologist to write a psychological report based on photo’s of different individuals, or

Simon Senn 07

Simon Senn 08

in Meadowlands Zone 1 where South Africans are asked to take part in a contest of who can give the most furious speech.

Simon Senn 09

Simon Senn 10

On the other hand i don’t see much of a point in offhandedly asking questions as an outsider to people of an inward looking community like in Purlieus Tales. You get what you expect and the cliché becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Simon Senn 11

Nevertheless, take your time and have a look yourself as it’s an interesting show and very well presented.

Simon Senn 12

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Content of pictures courtesy Simon Senn and Nest


Bertus Pieters