Thomas Kuijpers, Paradigma II; Lief Hertje en de Grote Witte Reus (LhGWR), The Hague

Thomas Kuijpers 01

Thomas Kuijpers (1985) shows works of the last two years at LhGWR gallery.

Thomas Kuijpers 02

The exhibition is in its last week, so hurry up to see it!

Thomas Kuijpers 03

Kuijpers shows images that seem to tell us something according to the times we live in.

Thomas Kuijpers 04

But do they? As images also make us preconditioned.

Thomas Kuijpers 05

Kuijpers was in Brussels last year when the city was more or less in a state of siege after the Paris terror attacks.

Thomas Kuijpers 06

He collected some things from the streets that seemed to have a special significance at that time in that place (as they could still have).

Thomas Kuijpers 07

He also collected a cardboard box with Arab texts, on another side it said in English it contained shampoo.

Thomas Kuijpers 08

Thomas Kuijpers 09

Go and visit the show to see what these Arabic slogans mean (if they are slogans…) or

Thomas Kuijpers 10

Thomas Kuijpers 11

to see if Jihadi is just another brand.

Thomas Kuijpers 12

In a way the show is highly evocative, even

Thomas Kuijpers 13

if the image is in itself not evocative like in De eerste maandag van de maand (First Monday of the month) where you can hear the alarm sirens testing while normal life just goes on.

Thomas Kuijpers 14

Thomas Kuijpers 15

Thomas Kuijpers 16

Personally I think the Gesture series, with handshakes of world leaders greeting each other for press photographers, is a bit less evocative or meaningful because of its repetition.

Thomas Kuijpers 17

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

Content of all pictures courtesy Thomas Kuijpers and LhGWR

Bertus Pieters


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