Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair


The Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair seems to be on its way to become obsolete. Yes, some good galleries are present and some good artists are represented, but it fails to be an alternative to the Art Rotterdam Fair.


Too much art on show seems to be made to suit the modern or postmodern living room. It seems to be made for buyers who want to feel assured about their identity (not to be confused with individuality).

RCA 03

Everything is there: some expressionism, a bit geometric abstract, a little post-modern etc., to be short, nothing special.

RCA 04 Benjamin Li
RCA 05 Benjamin Li

But happily there are exceptions. Probably one of the most remarkable projects is Te Koop (For Sale) by Benjamin Li represented by A Gallery Named Sue.

RCA 06 Jan Wattjes
RCA 07 Jan Wattjes
RCA 08 Jan Wattjes

At Livingstone Gallery painter Jan Wattjes shows an interesting, almost romantic video loop.

RCA 09 Jans Muskee

At With Tsalling Gallery Jans Muskee has a solo show, which is quite attractive.

RCA 10 Olaf Mooij
RCA 11 Olaf Mooij

Olaf Mooij shows his DJ. Wiel (DJ Wheel), which i personally prefer to real life DJs.

RCA 12

Apart from these interesting things there is more than just boring lifestyle junk. The No Walls presentation is probably more interesting than the greater part of the fair.

RCA 13

Another aspect which adds to the mediocrity of the fair is the lack of international representation. So please, for the next time, do it better or just don’t do it! It all made me long for fried eggs with ham and cheese (an uitsmijter) which i ate in Witte de Withstraat.

RCA 14
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Bertus Pieters


Ossip at Galerie Ramakers, The Hague

Ossip 01
Ossip 02
Ossip 03
Ossip 04
Ossip 05

Once i heard a pianist say that each Beethoven sonata has a mechanism of its own. That implies that Beethoven designed a

Ossip 12

specific mechanism for each new sonata that would suit the development of its unique content. I had to think about that while looking

Ossip 13
Ossip 14
Ossip 15
Ossip 16
Ossip 17
Ossip 18

at Ossip’s works presently on show at Galerie Ramakers in The Hague. Photo’s from magazines and newspapers are Ossip’s basic material and

Ossip 19
Ossip 20
Ossip 21
Ossip 22
Ossip 23
Ossip 24

in this exhibition he uses a lot of black and white pictures of stuff from art history. Rubens, Matisse, Picasso and others come

Ossip 25
Ossip 26
Ossip 27
Ossip 28
Ossip 29
Ossip 30

along, but it’s the pictures that are important, not the stories or the fame of the protagonists. They are just the shapes

Ossip 31
Ossip 32
Ossip 33
Ossip 34
Ossip 35
Ossip 36

and forms that trigger the mechanism of each work and in turn the mechanism creates the work. Ossip is not just being playful:

Ossip 37
Ossip 38
Ossip 39
Ossip 40
Ossip 41
Ossip 42

with each work he creates a new union of harmony and disharmony, thus allowing each work to create its own content and feeling.

Ossip 43
Ossip 44
Ossip 45
Ossip 46
Ossip 47
Ossip 48

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Bertus Pieters