Zhivago Duncan, The constant interloper; Livingstone Gallery, The Hague

Zhivago Duncan 01

Zhivago Duncan 02

Zhivago Duncan 03

Livingstone Gallery introduces works by Zhivago Duncan (not a pseudonym; 1980), a multidisciplinary artist who is interested in many things, amongst them post-apocalyptic landscape and model making.

Zhivago Duncan 04

Zhivago Duncan 05

Zhivago Duncan 06

His works on canvas look quite expressive, but they are silkscreened and partly covered with ink.

Zhivago Duncan 07

Zhivago Duncan 08

There is even a work made by a painting machine, operated by Duncan, properly called Muscle Memory Painting.

Zhivago Duncan 09

Zhivago Duncan 10

It is a small but interesting introduction.

Zhivago Duncan 11

Zhivago Duncan 12

It would be interesting to see more works and with more space around them.

Zhivago Duncan 13

Zhivago Duncan 14

But before that, take a look now!

Zhivago Duncan 15

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

Content of the pictures courtesy Zhivago Duncan and Livingstone Gallery


Bertus Pieters

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