Casper Verborg, A white horse is not a horse; Hoorn & Reniers, The Hague

I visited Hoorn & Reniers gallery to write a review about Casper Verborg’s (1981) present show a white horse is not a horse for Villa La Repubblica. Click here to read the review (in Dutch).

As it happened i focused especially on one work, offspring, a painting with amongst others the presidents Kim and Trump and a lemon yellow gorilla.

But of course there is a lot more recent and surprising work on show.

As i have already written extensively in VLR about the show, i leave you here with some of the many details that attracted my attention.

Best is, evidently, to visit the show yourself and have a close look.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Casper Vergorg and Noorn & Reniers, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters


Peter Feiler, Früchte der Dekadenz (Fruits of Decadence); Hoorn & Reniers, The Hague

Peter Feiler’s (1981) present show at Hoorn & Reniers isn’t for the faint hearted, but then life itself isn’t for the faint hearted either.

In our age of consumerism a curtain of fun and efficiency hides a world of control and power struggle, relentless, fanatic, cruel and both mediagenic and secretive.

It is a kind of merry-go-round no one of us seems to be able to quit from.

Feiler’s works may remind you of Jheronimus Bosch’s demonic paintings.

In Bosch’s works redemption seems hardly possible for humanity.

Both Bosch and Feiler show a fully corrupted society whose evil can hardly be avoided.

In Bosch’s late Gothic society all-pervasive, corrupt religious and worldly powers brought a new Renaissance world of new knowledge but also of new and more relentless ways of war and cruelty.

However Bosch always implicitly shows that there is an alternative.

In Feiler’s works that is not quite so sure.

Bosch shows you how not to behave, while Feiler just shows his visions and leaves it to you how to deal with them.

His protagonists come from the world of advertising, porn, comics, games, showbiz etc.

A world which seems to have replaced the ‘real’ world.

The title of his show implicitly asks you the question, is it pure decadence to enjoy his works and what are you really enjoying then?

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© Villa Next Door 2017

Content of all photographs courtesy to Peter Feiler and Hoorn & Reniers, Den Haag


Bertus Pieters

Kevin A. Rausch, After the years of trying; Hoorn & Reniers, The Hague

To write an article about paintings in The Hague for Villa La Repubblica i visited amongst others brand new gallery Hoorn & Reniers where paintings by Austrian painter Kevin A. Rausch (1980) are on show. Click here to read the article (in Dutch).

The way his paintings are based on drawing may remind you a bit of his compatriots Klimt and Schiele.

His somewhat melancholic figures seem to contemplate life in a kind of gardens of the mind, full of anxieties.

As sculptures some of his figures seem to have walked out of his paintings.

As i have written more about this show in VLR i leave you here with some impressions without further comments.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Kevin A. Rausch and Hoorn & Reniers gallery, Den Haag


Bertus Pieters