Hamid El Kanbouhi, HIST-I-O-R-Y / L’affare del secolo; 1646, The Hague

I visited Hamid El Kanbouhi’s (1976) present show at 1646 to write a review for Villa La Repubblica. Click here to read the review (in Dutch).

I must say i have my serious doubts about Kanbouhi’s installation (dubbed a “fake installation” by himself).

As far as i’m concerned there are discrepancies between the mythology and the personal, or between the possible message and its quality.

On the other hand there is also something quaintly intriguing about it.

But anyway, i’ve written about that in the VLR article, so you’d better see it all for yourself and make up your own mind.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Hamid El Kanbouhi and 1646, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters