Judith Hofland and Dawn-Marie Mak; Galerie Sophie, The Hague

Galerie Sophie 01 Judith Hofland

During Hoogtij (the quarterly art exhibition evening in The Hague) and the following weekend Galerie Sophie had a small but nice and very short running exhibition with two artists.

Galerie Sophie 02 Judith Hofland

Judith Hofland showed an interesting interactive installation about cheese making and eco-friendly farming,

Galerie Sophie 03 Judith Hofland

in which the viewer could him/herself change the noise and the video projected in the cheese making barrel

Galerie Sophie 04 Judith Hofland

from quite harmonious to disturbed.

Galerie Sophie 05 Dawn-Marie Mak

Dawn-Marie Mak showed some paintings based on remembrances.

Galerie Sophie 06 Dawn-Marie Mak

Some forgotten parts of the memory are not painted

Galerie Sophie 07 Dawn-Marie Mak

while other details are stressed.

Galerie Sophie 08 Dawn-Marie Mak

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

Content of the pictures courtesy the artists and Galerie Sophie.


Bertus Pieters

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