Dust to dust, or digital; Helder Gallery, The Hague

DTD 01

Sunday 28 February is already the last day of the exhibition Dust to Dust, or Digital at Helder Gallery, so I’m a bit late. Basically it shows two artists who are seeking a balance between the mind and the material world.

DTD 02 Otto Egberts
DTD 03 Otto Egberts
DTD 04 Otto Egberts
DTD 05 Otto Egberts

Otto Egberts makes his paintings with dust and residues of paint amongst others and in that way tries to find the essence of materiality and spirituality in painting.

DTD 06 Marcel Wesdorp
DTD 09 Marcel Wesdorp
DTD 08 Marcel Wesdorp
DTD 07 Marcel Wesdorp

Marcel Wesdorp has the help of the computer, the absolute thinking, to shape his works, as a god recreating a better world.

DTD 10 Jakob de Jonge
DTD 11 Jakob de Jonge
DTD 12 Jakob de Jonge

A week ago, halfway the exhibition, some works by Jakob de Jonge were added. In his works the thinking takes the shape of reminiscences of the real world, mixing the enjoyable with the uncomfortable. As usual the combination of the three artists makes for an interesting exhibition, so, hurry up if you want to see it!

DTD 13 Jakob de Jonge
[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

Bertus Pieters


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