Eyal Assulin, Virus; Museum Beelden aan Zee, The Hague

Eyal Assulin 01

Museum Beelden aan Zee (Sculptures by the Sea) has a small exhibition around Israeli artist Eyal Assulin’s sculpture Virus.

Eyal Assulin 02

Virus has the features both of a machine and of a gigantic spider and it makes a noise every now and then.

Eyal Assulin 03

As a machine it seems to have lost its man-serving functions, but as a living creature it is quite dysfunctional as well.

Eyal Assulin 04

There is another flawed machine, as

Eyal Assulin 05

well as a video with a man (probably the artist himself) barking at a car.

Eyal Assulin 06

Some drawings are on show too. In Assulin’s world machines have become cohabiting the world with human beings and other creatures, too big and influential to be futile, like their creators.

Eyal Assulin 07

It’s in itself a nice and playful show, though not very profound, the video being my favourite.

Eyal Assulin 08
[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

Bertus Pieters

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