Rutger van der Tas, Een ode aan de verwarde man (An Ode to the Disturbed Man); Twelve twelve gallery, The Hague

In a remarkable turn in his work, Rutger van der Tas (1980), a painter, is now reaching for three-dimensionality.

However, his works are still paintings as can be seen in his present show at Twelve Twelve gallery.

As the title of the show indicates, his work is all about disturbance as life is often – even for the greatest possible mutton head – a painful business.

Figures are deconstructed and reconstructed in colours that indicate both the pain and force of life, and so do the jigsaw puzzle-like cuts in the works which show that nothing is stable in life.

Watching the three-dimensional works, i was just wandering how they would look like if they were life sized, as they look quite monumental.

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

© Villa Next Door 2017

Content of all pictures courtesy to Rutger van der Tas and Twelve Twelve gallery, Den Haag


Bertus Pieters


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