Façades of The Hague #59

Façade with apartments and on the ground floor a pub and an entrance to a church, Dunne Bierkade.

It was designed around 1912 by architect Willem Verschoor (1880 – 1968), who later became an important member of the so-called New Hague School (Nieuwe Haagse School).

Originally it was the house where landscape painter Jan van Goyen (1596-1656) lived until 1654 when his financial situation became so precarious that he moved to Wagenstraat around the corner.

From 1649 to 1654 his son in law, the famous genre painter Jan Steen (1625/26-1679), lived there too.

Nowadays it houses the locally well-known pub De Paas, which used to be one of my favourite haunts until the Financial Crisis of the last decade (but you may still find me there now and then).

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All pictures were made in March 2017

Bertus Pieters