Halfway Where; Former Gemak exhibition space, The Hague

Constantijn Scholten

Today was the last day of a three day exhibition of 3rd year students of the Royal Academy of The Hague (KABK). The show was co-ordinated by Eliane Odding. Generally the students are talented and expectations for next year’s graduation show are high as far as i am concerned.

Naeun Kang

Personally i wish them to have some nerve, some more audacity to take more radical decisions in their works and presentations and in the use of technique.

Sam Andrea

For instance Sam Andrea is quite a good painter, but more technical skill in the use of colour and paint as a material could make his paintings more interesting.

Yukari Nakamichi

Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev

Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev

Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev

My favourite presentation is the one by Rafael Vasilyev, who clearly has an idea of how to make an installation.

Yukari Nakamichi

Valters Palaps

Seiko Hihara

Valters Palaps and Seiko Hihara have interesting installations but i’m sure they can make more out of the relationship between their objects and the space they are presented in.

Cedric ter Bals

Cedric ter Bals

Jiyhun Baek

Virág Papp

This is not the place for an analysis of all works on show but i’m sure next year there will be more.

Matilda Little

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Bertus Pieters