Tsou Yung-shan, Our Gaze; SinArts Gallery, The Hague

SinArts Gallery presents work by Taiwanese artist Tsou Yung-shan who is working in Berlin.

This is her first exhibition in the Netherlands.

If you ever wanted to touch a work of art in an exhibition, well, Tsou gives you the opportunity!

You can ‘read’ her handmade books freely and without the usual gloves.

Reading becomes feeling, the action of turning the pages and the sound they make.

Interpretation is completely open to you as a viewer.

You may feel a bit embarrassed to be so nonchalant  with an artist’s products and that may stand in the way of your interpretation.

You may in vain search for ‘real’ texts or images to interpret.

Freedom of interpretation is far more susceptible to restraint and different conditions than you might have thought.

Moreover, if you think you can privately and intimately ‘read’ her books in a cabin, you are wrong, as you are being watched.

In spite of that or because of that you may think it’s a very inspiring show, as i do.

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©Villa Next Door 2017

Contents of all photographs courtesy to Tsou Yung-shan and SinArts Gallery, Den Haag.


Bertus Pieters