MVRDV, The Stairs; Rotterdam


To celebrate 75 years of reconstruction after the devastation of the Second World War (the city centre was almost flattened by the Germans on May 14th 1940) the City of Rotterdam has organized some events.

The Stairs 02

One of them is The Stairs, a huge flight of stairs on scaffolding to climb one of the landmarks of modernist reconstruction in the city, the Groothandelsgebouw (Wholesale Building), built in 1951 by Hugh Maaskant (1907-1977).

The Stairs 03

The Stairs 04

The Stairs 05

The Stairs is a project by MVRDV. I climbed The Stairs this week and it gives a great view of Stationsplein (Station square) with Centraal Station (Central Station) the brand new and wonderful railway station.

The Stairs 06

The Stairs 07

The Stairs 08

The Stairs 09

The Stairs 10

The Stairs 11

The panorama’s from the roof top are wonderful, giving a good view of the still reconstructing and expanding city from modernism to post-postmodernism.

The Stairs 12

The Stairs 13

The Stairs 14

The Stairs 15

The Stairs 16

The Stairs 17

It also grants you a very special view of Maaskant’s great building.

The Stairs 18

The Stairs 19

But finest of all is probably the scaffolding itself, just as it is, without any decorations.

The Stairs 20

The Stairs 21

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Bertus Pieters