Graduation Festival, Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague

P1017375 Amber Oskam

The other day I went to the Graduation Festival at the Royal Academy of Art (Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten – KABK) here in The Hague, to write a review for Villa La Repubblica. I made more than a thousand pictures, so this is just a tip of the iceberg.

P1017386 Marijn Ottenhof

I started my tour properly in Marijn Ottenhof’s Waitingroom in the basement. A well done project, both technically and ideologically.


P1017392 Marijn Ottenhof


I continued to the old building’s courtyard. As the exhibiting artist had some technical problems with her installation i went back inside, to see

P1017399 Bamberger Rider Donatello

these copies of the Bamberger Reiter and of Donatello’s Cantoria. But the venerable


old building itself isn’t either Gothic or Renaissance. Although my main interest is the fine arts

P1017415 Gino Anthonisse

i always take a look at the works of the graduates of the other departments. At the Textile & Fashion department i was particularly intrigued by presentations of Gino Anthonisse and

P1017417 Bastian Visch


of Bastian Visch. Continuing my tour on the ground floor i glimpsed into the room where once i had my own graduation show, more than three decades ago.

P1017422 Jet Smits

Jet Smits shows liquid crystals, while in the next room

P1017426 Sebastian Frisch

Sebastian Frisch lets you listen to growing young maize plants. His work

P1017428 Jef Stapel

is combined with Jef Stapel’s works.


I went to the first floor of the old building. Whose work is this?

P1017453 Lynn van Asperen

You bet!

P1017454 Lynn van Asperen

I saw Lynn van Asperen´s fine presentation, although i preferred the stills to the video.


Interior Architecture & Furniture Design had its own publication,


while others represent themselves in another way.


The weather was still a bit gloomy.


Urban happiness.

P1017474 Kim Verkade

Kim Verkade made a project about so-called beauty vlogging, where young teenage girls are compulsively busy with their appearance. One of the dark sides of the internet. In the same room

P1017477 Wardie Hellendoorn

Wardie Hellendoorn has a sympathetic project about people using the ferry (pont) in Amsterdam.

P1017479 Leroy Sankes

A statement by Leroy Sankes. Can’t agree more. And just next to his almost perfect photographs

P1017480 Lorena van Bunningen

P1017487 Lorena van Bunningen

Lorena van Bunningen has this great presentation, showing you the wonders of this imperfect world.


This reminded me of Marijn Ottenhof’s Waitingroom.

P1017497 Henri Verhoef

P1017503 Henri Verhoef

Henri Verhoef’s just-over-the-top photos. And again



something was waiting here.

P1017508 Juuke Schoorl

Juuke Schoorl’s very beautiful work.

P1017515 Stefanie Crombach

P1017518 Stefanie Crombach

Going to the second floor of the old building i ran into Stefanie Crombach’s work on my way to see

P1017533 Alexandra Martens Serrano

P1017535 Alexandra Martens Serrano

Alexandra Martens Serrano’s great installation. She shared the room

P1017543Vincent Both

P1017544 Vincent Both

with painter Vincent Both. Not a bad combination at all.


This probably prepared me for

P1017547 Silben de Jonge

this greenish room and

P1017549 Silben de Jonge

this pinkish room by Silben de Jonge. These rooms are green and pink, as you can see.


For me the interludes were short, for the graduates they are a bit longer…

P1017564 Isabel Cavenecia

Some attractive refreshments while watching Isabel Cavenecia thirsty video.

P1017593 Thamar Martin

P1017594 Thamar Martin

There are some good movies this year. This great one is by Thamar Martin while

P1017608 Biljana Kanevche

as for this one by Biljana Kanevche, i have the feeling it could have been taken a step further.


And still the weather is a bit gloomy.

P1017626 Santeri Taurula

P1017629 Santeri Taurula

On the second floor the rooms are a bit cramped, but for Santeri Taurula’s installation that’s no problem at all.

P1017642 Eva Lagrange

There was a fine series of paintings by Eva Lagrange too, while

P1017648 Hannah Polak

P1017654 Hannah Polak

in the next room Hannah Polak shows her fine installation and

P1017659 Tessel Vooijs

P1017666 Tessel Vooijs

Tessel Vooijs shows her paintings.

P1017669 Samara Mitri

P1017670 Samara Mitri

The two sides of Samara Mitri’s installation.

P1017671 Fiona Henriquez

Fiona Henriquez.

P1017673 Maja Klaassens

Maja Klaassens welcomes you to the dark.

P1017676 Thomas van Rijs

Thomas van Rijs.

P1017677 Anna de Vries

Anna de Vries has her presentation in the corridor. While it’s a fine presentation it runs the risk of not catching the attention of the visitors.

P1017684 Erik Muusse

P1017709 Erik Muusse

Graphic Design graduate Erik Muusse made a constitution for a dictator, and some machines to apply it. Here you see the voting machine.


P1017711 Wim Steijven

On my way to the new building i saw a picture by Wim Steijven of his hilarious tall people project (club tall people Gives you space).

P1017712 Nathalie Mannaerts

In the new building Nathalie Mannaerts has this solemn room for her solemn pictures (and rethinking Marijn Ottenhof’s Waitingroom?).

P1017716 Jordan Herregraven

P1017724 Jordan Herregraven

These days a graduation show can’t be complete without some vulnerable animals. Jordan Herregraven’s presentation is quite good, although i’d rethink showing works on paper in this context (the works on paper are not in the pictures here, as it was too dark).

P1017737 Gitte Hendrikx

P1017739 Gitte Hendrix


Some details of Gitte Hendrikx’s great installation and the flowers she got for it.

P1017750 Vladi Girz

Somebody seems to have had it.

P1017752 Stephan van Zijp

Stephan van Zijp is omnipresent amongst the painters while

P1017759 Mariska Baars

Mariska Baars brings you back to some refinement and

P1017766 Lisette Frimannslund

P1017767 Lisette Frimannslund

Lisette Frimannslund shows you rearrangements of remembrances.

P1017784 Stephan van Zijp

And again Stephan van Zijp. His monumental pictures

P1017786 Akycha Tegelaar

P1017787 Akycha Tegelaar

next to the no less monumental but much smaller pictures by Akycha Tegelaar.

P1017798 Marijke Everts

P1017807 Marijke Everts

Outside, in the shed, Marijke Everts’s installation. Her motto is Only in my mind home exists which reflects her travelling mind, combining different cultures.


Back to the building, on my way to

P1017821 Jonathan van Sloten

P1017826 Jonathan van Sloten

Jonathan van Sloten’s sculptures.


There’s always a way out!

P1017834 Mechteld van Dijk

P1017835 Mechteld van Dijk

Mechteld van Dijk.


She is sitting there every day.

P1017845 Áron Birtalan

This text reminded me of Erik Muusse’s constitution and Marijn Ottenhof’s Waitingroom. So i didn’t wait.

P1017866 Evelien Gransjean

Evelien Gransjean clearly wants the world to be bigger.

P1017870 Leslie Nagel Laura Rendón Berger

Through Leslie Nagel’s work you can see what is awaiting you in the next room. But

P1017881 Leslie Nagel

first have some fun with Leslie’s machine.

P1017882 Laura Rendón Berger

Aura Rendón Benger.


Well well well….


And some more waiting…

P1017885 Helen M. Hintjens

P1017886 Helen M. Hintjens

Helen M. Hintjens shows an interesting video and other works on the theme of the present and the colonial past.


Cuculus canorus. This bird is parasitic on nests of smaller birds. In forests, wetlands, farmland and moorland.


Is this art? ….. no

P1017900 Adrian Mazzarolo

P1017903 Adrian Mazzarolo

Adrian Mazzarolo is stealing the show with his movie.

P1017925 R.D.P. Schelfhout

While on my way out R.D.P. Schelfhout had unlocked his room.

P1017926 R.D.P. Schelfhout

In the mean time the sun had started shining, so i went to one of my favourite haunts. The KABK has become an extremely good institute. But why calling a graduation show a festival? In that case i’d expect something in more venues in the city or maybe some pop-up performances in the city centre.

P1017932(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Full article here (in Dutch):

Bertus Pieters