Vormidable, Contemporary Flemish Sculpture; Museum Beelden aan Zee, The Hague

VBaZ 01

Museum Beelden aan Zee (Sculptures by the Sea) is one of the most interesting museums in The Hague and indeed in the country, for its robust architecture, its position along the coast, its Institute for Sculpture and above all – of course – for its interesting exhibitions of modern, postmodern and contemporary sculpture, objects and installations.

VBaZ 02 Sofie Muller

At present the Museum’s summer exhibition Vormidable with contemporary sculpture from Flanders is still on show, though its satellite exhibitions at Lange Voorhout (for pictures click here) and in A Gallery Named Sue (for pictures click here; for full review in Dutch click here) have finished already some weeks ago.

VBaZ 04 Panamarenko
VBaZ 05 Panamarenko

It is impossible to cover all aspects of this wonderful exhibition, so I just show you a few random pictures, but it would be better to take a look for yourself. Both well known and lesser known artists are democratically brought together in the great room of the museum. In that collection almost legendary Panamarenko is more or less hors concours, even with these modest models on show.

VBaZ 06 Honoré d'O

Honoré d’O’s works (also quite small ones in this show) make a good counterpoint to Panamarenko’s.

VBaZ 07 Renato Nicolodi
VBaZ 08 Renato Nicolodi

There is some imposing architecture reduced to an introvert object by Renato Nicolodi and

VBaZ 09 Johan Tahon

there are some works by Johan Tahon, both raw and angelic,

VBaZ 10 Sofie Muller
VBaZ 11 Sofie Muller

two sensitive sculptural installations by Sofie Muller and

VBaZ 13 Philip Aguirre y Otegui
VBaZ 14 Philip Aguirre y Otegui

there is this water carrier by Philip Aguirre y Otegui. These four artists were presented at the Lange Voorhout as well.

VBaZ 15 Caspar Berger

Do think before you take a seat on a bench by Caspar Berger!

VBaZ 16 Sven 't Jolle

Sven ‘t Jolle presents these figures who are playing Mens erger je niet (Hey, don’t fret). Or are the figures becoming the game?

VBaZ 18 Nadia Naveau
VBaZ 19 Nadia Naveau
VBaZ 20 Nadia Naveau

Nadia Naveau gives some samples of her work in which there is a strong connection with antiquity and post-postmodernity.

VBaZ 21 Nadia Naveau
VBaZ 22 Nadia Naveau
VBaZ 23 Nadia Naveau
VBaZ 24 Nadia Naveau

Her work is one of the great discoveries of the show.

VBaZ 25 Tinka Pittoors
VBaZ 26 Tinka Pittoors

Tinka Pittoors’ installation fits much better into this presentation than her other sculpture did at the Lange Voorhout.

VBaZ 27 Peter Rogiers

On the other hand this sculpture by Peter Rogiers on its own seems to be a bit out of context.

VBaZ 28 Nick Ervinck
VBaZ 29 Nick Ervinck

If you like intricate 3D design and printing with a bit of a spooky outlook the works of Nick Ervinck will surely impress you. It doesn’t really convince me.

VBaZ 30 Eva De Leener
VBaZ 31 Eva De Leener
VBaZ 32 Eva De Leener

Far simpler as a concept but much more significant are Eva De Leener’s sculptures.

VBaZ 33 Patrick Van Caeckenbergh
VBaZ 34 Patrick Van Caeckenbergh

One of my personal favourites is Patrick Van Caeckenbergh and his Cradle hits the mark again in more than one way.

VBaZ 35 Anton Cotteleer
VBaZ 36 Anton Cotteleer
VBaZ 37 Anton Cotteleer

Works by Anton Cotteleer were quite omnipresent in The Hague this summer as, apart from here, they were also on show at A Gallery Named Sue and Nouvelles Images gallery (click here for the pictures).

VBaZ 38 Peter Buggenhout
VBaZ 39 Peter Buggenhout

Peter Buggenhout specializes in sculptures that refuse to take a clear shape. They seem to defy all theories about the regularity of nature.

VBaZ 40 Berlinde De Bruyckere
VBaZ 41 Berlinde De Bruyckere

Of course Berlinde De Bruyckere’s work is also present. It is shown in rhyme with Buggenhout’s sculptures.

VBaZ 42 Wim Delvoye
VBaZ 43 Wim Delvoye

Wim Delvoye’s hilarious Rose des vents is present on one of the terraces of the museum.

VBaZ 44 Jan Fabre

However, the sad low point of the show is the presentation of Jan Fabre, who seems to be talking on and on with his shiny beetles, while he has nothing to say but boring clichés.

VBaZ 45 Wim Delvoye
VBaZ 46 Wim Delvoye

A smaller room of the museum shows models of more or less monumental works and projects.

VBaZ 47 Wim Delvoye
VBaZ 48 Wim Delvoye

Amongst others by Wim Delvoye,

VBaZ 49 Patrick Van Caeckenbergh

Patrick Van Caeckenbergh,

VBaZ 50 Renato Nicolodi

Renato Nicolodi and

VBaZ 51 Ruben Bellinkx

Ruben Bellinkx, who also showed an intriguing installation this summer at A Gallery Named Sue.

VBaZ 52
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Bertus Pieters