Judith and Edith; Gemeentemuseum, The Hague

J&E 01 Gustav Klimt

The Gemeentemuseum shows Gustav Klimt’s Judith I from the Belvedere Museum in Vienna and is quite proud of it.

J&E 02 Egon Schiele

A loan like that is so special that the museum has chosen for a very special presentation in combination with its own Edith by Egon Schiele, another top work from the period.

J&E 03 Gustav Klimt

J&E 04 Egon Schiele

Each portrait represents a very different type of woman

J&E 05 Gustav Klimt

J&E 06 Egon Schiele

– somewhere in between Das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan and Was will das Weib?

J&E 07 Gustav Klimt

in an age when women were regarded by men as a kind of different species or, at best, as spirits that stirred in male sexual problems.

J&E 08 Egon Schiele

To stress their differences they are shown in different rooms.

J&E 09 Egon Schiele

J&E 10 Egon Schiele

J&E 11 Egon Schiele

Apart from that some delicate works on paper by Schiele,

J&E 12 Gustav Klimt

J&E 13 Gustav Klimt

J&E 14 Gustav Klimt

J&E 15 Gustav Klimt

J&E 16 Gustav Klimt

Klimt and

J&E 17 Oskar Kokoschka

J&E 18 Oskar Kokoschka

J&E 19 Oskar Kokoschka

J&E 20 Oskar Kokoschka

Kokoschka, mostly from the Gemeentemuseum’s own collection are on show, completed with

J&E 21

J&E 22

some jewelry and furniture from the period, as well as

J&E 23 George Minne

J&E 24 George Minne

a sculpture by George Minne.

J&E 25

The presentation is designed by Maison the Faux, more or less based on Vienna Secession design. To an extent it works.

J&E 26

J&E 27 Egon Schiele

Edith in a room with curtains works very well and

J&E 28

the presentation of the drawings in black and white decorated rooms is nice, although the jewelry and furniture are not resistant to the decorations and look haphazard.

J&E 29 Gustav Klimt

J&E 30

The decoration of Judith’s room however, with perfume bottles with motives from the paintings, made me feel I had missed something (and I think I still do). What I didn’t miss was the horrible smell of visitor’s perfumes.

J&E 31

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Contents of all pictures courtesy Gemeentemuseum Den Haag


Bertus Pieters