The Inside Out, The Outside In; Quartair, The Hague

Quartair presents three artists who co-operate in an installation called The inside out, the outside in.

Merel Noorlander is responsible for the so-called ‘mechanical pop up installations’, which look a bit like chalices opening and closing, Ana Oosting has made clay structures inspired by lichens and Mirko Lazović constructed the salt water basin and sound reproduction.

Noorlander’s objects reflect on the walls, while Oosting’s ceramics cast shadows in the water while slowly being encrusted with salt.

The individuality of the artists is very clear, they each have their own style in the use of their materials, but the installation as a whole works very well and gives the works an extra dimension.

It is good to have this installation in The Hague, so go to Quartair and have a look!

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Content of the pictures courtesy to the artists and Quartair Den Haag


Bertus Pieters