Uit het atelier van Klaus Baumgärtner (From Klaus Baumgärtner’s Studio); Galerie Ramakers, The Hague

What imagination and therefore art can do, is far less obvious in the glittering spectacles made to entertain us, than in the sometimes very small gestures and shapes of our daily lives.

Klaus Baumgärtner (1948-2013) based his work on the latter.

He saw the possibilities of found objects, pieces of different materials, plants, wood, found footage, light and shading, to put his (and our) imagination into operation.

I think that was not a matter of modesty, but of a very vivid interest in how shapes and gestures communicate.

Presently you can see works by Baumgärtner at Galerie Ramakers, delicate, not always in shape, but certainly in thought and concept.

The gestures are not just in the bending twigs and branches or in the curvature of shapes and lines, but also in the way of Baumgärtner’s composing and thinking.

It is about the sheer joy of seeing, conceiving and making the objects and they are never just funny jokes.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Galerie Ramakers, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters