Karianne Bueno: Doug’s Cabin, at LhGWR Gallery, The Hague

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The street in front of LhGWR was a mess when i visited the gallery last Friday. Such things influence you when entering a venue and may even influence the way


you start seeing things at an exhibition. Now it wasn’t the first time i saw Karianne Bueno’s show Doug’s Cabin, but still it seemed to offer a kind of refuge from

LH 03 Karianne Bueno

the urban wilderness outside, which, in a way, is remarkable as it deals with wilderness itself. It’s the humid wilderness on Vancouver Island along

LH 06 Karianne Bueno
LH 07 Karianne Bueno

the Pacific coast of Canada. You might call it the western frontier of western colonization: for all its questionable victories it has fallen into a state of deterioration,

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kept alive by some technology and history, and surrounded by trees and wild animals. Photographer Bueno tells a story about Doug’s very basic camp site and

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LH 11 Karianne Bueno
LH 12 Karianne Bueno
LH 13 Karianne Bueno
LH 14 Karianne Bueno
LH 15 Medy Oberendorff
LH 16 Medy Oberendorff

its surroundings. Her photo’s act as text while found objects, pictures, some exquisite drawings by Medy Oberendorff, etc. act as illustrations. The place itself

LH 17 Karianne Bueno
LH 18 Karianne Bueno
LH 19 Karianne Bueno
LH 20 Karianne Bueno

was based on fear of the dangers of the East at the other side of the big ocean. Different worlds of aw, decay and beauty meet each other while in the background

LH 21 Karianne Bueno
LH 22 Karianne Bueno

you constantly hear Coast to Coast, the Conspiracy Theory radio. Around this very evocative exhibition there are some more pictures by Bueno on show.

LH 23 Karianne Bueno
LH 24 Karianne Bueno
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Bertus Pieters