Remembered Always….; Stroom, Town Hall, The Hague

ONTV 01 Fernando Sánchez Castillo

Titled Remembered Always… Stroom has organized a modest exhibition in The Hague town hall to show models of two newly designed monuments.

ONTV 02 Thom Puckey
ONTV 03 Thom Puckey

There is a model of Thom Puckey’s new monument for Dutch 19th century liberal prime minister Johan Rudolph Thorbecke (1798-1872) who implemented the modern Dutch constitution.

ONTV 04 Ingrid Mol

ONTV 05 Ingrid Mol

The second design is for a monument by Ingrid Mol for Princess Juliana (1909-2004) who was queen of the Netherlands from 1948 to 1980.

ONTV 06 Mari Andriessen

Stroom took the opportunity to pay attention to the function of monuments in The Hague, either to remember important figures in Dutch history – like this model of Mari Andriessen’s (1897-1979) statue of Johannes Voet, a 17th century lawyer –

ONTV 07 Jaroslawa Dankowa

or to remember decisive moments in history – like this monument for the victims of the Japanese occupation of the former Dutch East Indies, by Jaroslawa Dankowa (1925-1999) –.

ONTV 08 Jonas Staal

When it became known recently that 16 Jewish families were deported from Maastrichtsestraat (Maastricht street) in The Hague, during the German occupation, artist Jonas Staal came with an alternative name as a monument for the street: Deportatie van zestien Joodse families straat (Deportation of Sixteen Jewish Families Street). This new name is not officially in use, but some people living there do use the new name.

ONTV 09 Fernando Sánchez Castillo
ONTV 10 Fernando Sánchez Castillo

ONTV 12 Fernando Sánchez Castillo

Most interesting is however Fernando Sánchez Castillo’s installation called Made in China, which represents the so called Tank Man, after the Chinese student who defied the Chinese army all on his own in 1989.

ONTV 14 Fernando Sánchez Castillo
ONTV 13 Fernando Sánchez Castillo

ONTV 11 Fernando Sánchez Castillo

The marble statue as well as the plastic models (of which you can obtain one if you add your comments on democracy and human rights) are all made in China, and the Tank Man Prize, to be awarded annually, is also part of the concept. Personally i cherish my little stubborn Tank Man!

ONTV 15 Fernando Sánchez Castillo
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Bertus Pieters