James Brown, Orbs, views from my other House; Livingstone Gallery, The Hague

James Brown‘s (1951) long career is one of searching, finding and researching; approaching from different artistic angles the idea of being.

Common thread in his work however seems to be leaving signs of human, handmade trials to understand life and in more recent years the cosmos.

Livingstone Gallery shows his ‘orb-paintings,’ works about the cosmos as it manifests itself to the human eye and as it can be interpreted by the human mind, helped by the human hand.

They are fascinating works, in which the idea of the orb and its constellation, so important to our existence, has become an abstract, painterly sign.

Best is, however, as always, to take a look yourself!

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to James Brown and Livingstone Gallery, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters