Shigeo Arikawa: Seeing, Not Seeing; Helder Gallery, The Hague

Helder 01 Shigeo Arikawa

Helder Gallery shows a very special presentation of work by Shigeo Arikawa.

Helder 02 Shigeo Arikawa

The main focus is on his powerful work Hangan, a series of 21 projected frontal portraits of people holding a card in their hands.

Helder 03 Shigeo Arikawa

Their faces are lighted and darkened slowly.

Helder 04 Shigeo Arikawa

There is a contrast in the neutral and identical positioning of the persons and very different faces and (supposed) characters.

Helder 05 Shigeo Arikawa

It is a more or less meditative piece with appropriate oriental music, so sit down and take your time.

Helder 06

After the rebuilding and refurbishing of the gallery, the gallery keepers are clearly eager to experiment with new forms and disciplines.

Helder 07 Shigeo Arikawa

A daring and applaudable move.

Helder 08 Shigeo Arikawa

Helder 09 Shigeo Arikawa

Helder 10 Shigeo Arikawa

Some more video works by Arikawa are on show on demand, amongst others Am I dreaming of others, or are others dreaming of me?

Helder 11 Shigeo Arikawa

Helder 12 Shigeo Arikawa

Helder 13 Shigeo Arikawa

A seemingly story telling work, but where the subjects constantly negate a story line.

Helder 14 Shigeo Arikawa

Helder 15 Shigeo Arikawa

Helder 16 Shigeo Arikawa

The mind wants visual logic but cannot get it.

Helder 17 Jakob de Jonge

Helder 18 Jakob de Jonge

Arikawa’s work is confronted with paintings by Jakob de Jonge. It is clear that the new interior of the gallery also invites to making more daring combinations. When leaving the gallery i also saw these sculptures by Eelke van Willegen which add to the meditative atmosphere.

Helder 19 Eelke van Willegen

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Bertus Pieters