Façades of The Hague #54

Villa Blaeck, Nieuwe Parklaan.

It was designed by architect H. Wesstra jr. (1843 – 1911) in his late romantic decorative style and it was built in 1899.

Its original name was Villa Mariotto and it was meant for tourists staying in the then chic seaside resort of Scheveningen.

By the late 20th century the villa was painted completely white, but happily the white paint has been removed, the outside was brought back to its original decorative state (except for the roof tiles) and it was given its present name.

Today it contains apartments.

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©Villa Next Door 2017

All pictures were taken in March 2016


Bertus Pieters

Façades of The Hague #43

Former hotel villa, Badhuisweg corner Nieuwe Parklaan in seaside resort Scheveningen.

It was built in the late 19th century.

H. Wesstra jr. (1843 – 1911), a prolific architect in The Hague, designed it, inspired by the many neo styles of the époque.

It contained several successive hotels, the Bristol to start with.

Over the last decades the ground floor housed different consecutive restaurants (a fish restaurant at the moment).

The other floors have private apartments.

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© Villa Next Door 2017

All photographs were taken in March 2016


Bertus Pieters