Beauty is for free; Nouvelles Images Gallery, The Hague

NI 01

To write an article for Villa La Repubblica about a painting by Rien Monshouwer (47) , which is currently on show in Nouvelles Images, i visited the gallery to make a few pictures there.

NI 02 Rien Monshouwer

The presentation of four works by Monshouwer is part of the great summer exhibition Beauty is for free, curated by Jan van der Pol, in Nouvelles Images.

NI 03 Rien Monshouwer

NI 04 Rien Monshouwer

As i visited this wonderful but quite big exhibition before, i only took some pictures of the Monshouwer presentation.

NI 05 Ferry Andrë de la Porte

NI 06 Fey André de la Porte

His works are combined with fine black and white portrait photography by Ferry André de la Porte.

NI 07 Rien Monshouwer

NI 08 Rien Monshouwer

Three paintings by Monshouwer are on show and an installation.

NI 09

This is not really part of the presentation, but it’s an irresistible detail of the gallery’s architecture.

NI 10 Rien Monshouwer

I’m a great admirer of Monshouwer’s work.

NI 11 Rien Monshouwer

It is both strict in its conception and very humane in its presentation.

NI 12 Rien Monshouwer

He is clearly one of the greatest artists in The Hague of his generation.

NI 13 Rien Monshouwer

NI 14 Rien Monshouwer

But i recommend to you the whole exhibition!

NI 15

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See the main article here on Villa La Repubblica (in Dutch)

Bertus Pieters