Casper Verborg, A white horse is not a horse; Hoorn & Reniers, The Hague

I visited Hoorn & Reniers gallery to write a review about Casper Verborg’s (1981) present show a white horse is not a horse for Villa La Repubblica. Click here to read the review (in Dutch).

As it happened i focused especially on one work, offspring, a painting with amongst others the presidents Kim and Trump and a lemon yellow gorilla.

But of course there is a lot more recent and surprising work on show.

As i have already written extensively in VLR about the show, i leave you here with some of the many details that attracted my attention.

Best is, evidently, to visit the show yourself and have a close look.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Casper Vergorg and Noorn & Reniers, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters