Kosmische en aardse verkenningen (Cosmic and earthly explorations); Nouvelles Images, The Hague

Cosmic and earthly explorations are being carried out at Nouvelles Images gallery, by four artists:

Ton Kraayeveld (1955), Rinke Nijburg (1964), Sara Rajaei (1976) and Amos Mulder (1982).

The last two are guests to the gallery and show videos and photo works that give the whole exhibition an edge.

Kraayeveld shows modernism, the style that tried to shape an ideal world, but he paints it in a desolate way, abandoned and senseless.

There are two videos by Mulder on show in diffuse footage about the interpretation of dreams and UFO’s.

No, don’t shrug your shoulders, this is good and compelling stuff (though seats, and a place with less reflection in the monitors would improve the experience).

Nijburg sees the sublime in the cosmos and the divine on earth.

Although he has some impressive bigger works on show i personally prefer his smaller ones.

It is as if the vastness of the universe is best experienced in these smaller gems.

Rajaei shows photographs and a video.

They deal with man’s relationship to time and landscape.

The video is a good almost meditative central piece to the show.

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Content of all pictures courtesy to the artists and Galerie Nouvelles Images, Den Haag.


Bertus Pieters