James Turrell, Celestial Vault; The Hague (permanent)

One may ponder what archaeologists will think about Celestial Vault (1996) by James Turrell (1943) if they dig it up in let’s say 3018.

Will they think we were a religious bunch, worshipping something represented by the stone in the centre of the work?

Well, let’s leave that to these future diggers.

I visited this great work of public art just South of The Hague near Kijkduin Beach, today as it was one of the last hot summer days.

I also wanted to write a short article about its architectural qualities in Villa La Repubblica, which I did. Click here to read the article (in Duch).

Click here to read more about Celestial Vault in English at Stroom’s website.

There were more people like me, who probably thought this was a good day to pay the place a visit.

Amongst others people who walked their dogs. (Let people enjoy this place as much as they can, but why should they bring their dogs?).

I also visited the panorama point where there is a Turrell seat as well, where you can look at the sky.

Today there was some heavy machinery around to cut the branches, as it’s alright to have some nature around, but it should know its place.

Shouldn’t it?

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