Sam Keogh, Orbital Debris; 1646, The Hague

Sam Keogh (1985) presently shows his sculptural, multi-video space work Orbital Debris at 1646.

Against the background of a soundtrack made by The Iduna Institute for Strategic Imitation & Delay, and a gallery turned into a plastic grotto, the whole installation seems to be a collection of everything and anything, both material and emotional, that could become orbital debris in case we are too sloppy with the planet and space, or even orbital debris within our heads.

Even in a grand cosmic context our policies, our technology, our sentiments and our rubbish seem to be the output of world capitalist negligence and waste.

However, in another way the installation is an interesting and many faced work of sculpture, including sound and space, although the videos take the forefront as far as i’m concerned.

It looks a bit like the ambitious aims for Space of the 1960s but with its optimism replaced by mystification.

There is however very little sci-fi-ish about Keogh’s presentation.

It is as if we are already living in future and have been doing so for some time.

In that way Orbital Debris almost becomes a sentimental work.

Its basic concept – to show some video’s in a weirdly restyled, darkish room and with a sound track – may however make it not really very surprising.

Well, i suggest you go there and experience it for yourself.

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

© Villa Next Door 2018

Content of all photographs courtesy to Sam Keogh and 1646, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters


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