Hans Eijkelboom, Identities 1970 – 2017; The Hague Museum of Photography

Since the 1960s Western Europe is living in the age of consumerism which is now our all pervading way of life.

To maintain or build an identity has become something for the market as well.

You might be mistaken that identity is a matter of religion, nationality, ethnicity or whatever.

Forget it, identities are simply bought these days, they are trade.

That is most obvious in your clothing.

Observing people’s struggle to have an identity due to or in spite of the market has been and still is Hans Eijkelboom’s (1949) main subject as a photographer.

The Museum of Photography shows a retrospective of his work.

There are his early projects where he often plays a role himself in front of the camera, while his later sequences where he compares people wearing the same kind of cloths are also extensively present.

Eijkelboom doesn’t judge his subjects, he just observes them and seems to be constantly amazed by the commonness of his fellow human beings and the way they try to escape that commonness.

Hans Eijkelboom 19

There is a dry but not wry sense of humour in his works.

Everybody who is interested in how we look alike and how we don’t in our public lives – as i do –  should see this.

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

©Villa Next Door 2017

Content of all photographs courtesy to Hans Eijkelboom and The Hague Museum of Photography.


Bertus Pieters

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