Gert Scheerlinck, Objects of disguise; Twelve twelve gallery, The Hague

At the moment Belgian artist Gert Scheerlinck has an exhibition at Twelve twelve gallery.

I stress the fact that Scheerlinck is a Belgian artist as Belgian artists seem to have a special feeling for the absurd.

The Dutch usually tend to perceive absurdity as an abrupt kind of humour, but for Belgians absurdity has to do with the human condition itself.

They use absurdism both as an escape from and a confrontation with the human condition.

Scheerlinck certainly does so with his objects and materials taken from everyday life.

Most objects are based on ideas, but Scheerlinck takes the other way round: his objects become ideas again.

His objects and installations, sometimes tiny and usually hardly photographable, are on the verge to become ideas while leaving the viewer puzzled.

And that is where absurdity takes its chance.

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

©Villa Next Door 2017

Content of all photographs courtesy to Gert Scheerlinck and Twelve twelve Gallery, Den Haag.


Bertus Pieters


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