Marin de Jong, Chronicle for the Millions; Twelve twelve Gallery, The Hague

Twelve twelve Gallery presently shows latest works by Marin de Jong (1976).

Working in our post-postmodern age De Jong is trying to find answers to the fast and disturbing de-rationalisation of society we are experiencing these days.

More than before people seem to be prepared to believe in irrational plots, nonsensical scare mongering and the vilification of any intelligence, including the arts.

De Jong reacts by covering up some of his works, literally closing them down for the expecting gaze, but he does so with humour.

As we have learnt from Christo, covering up doesn’t just hide the covered object, it also creates a new object.

De Jong shows how art will move on in spite of everything, like a fungus that doesn’t stop growing and multiplying.

Far from going underground, his works manifest themselves with character in spite of their subjects being internalised.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Marin de Jong and Twelve twelve Gallery, Den Haag


Bertus Pieters