Nies Vooijs and Riet Vooijs; oil paintings and analog photographs; Magasin Horaz, The Hague

Paintings by Nies Vooijs and analog photography by Riet Vooijs are on show in a small new initiative in Magasin Horaz, Molenstraat 19.

Both sisters are amongst the most respected of artists in this city, as far as i am concerned.

They share an occupation with volatility.

Nies’ compositions may change and show a working process, while Riet’s photographs – strongly thought from their negatives – show moments which are not decisive but characteristic.

[Click on the pictures to enblarge]

© Villa Next Door 2017

Content of pictures courtesy to Nies and Riet Vooijs and to Magasin Horaz, The Hague


Bertus Pieters

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