Façades of The Hague #37

Sculpture called De tijd (Time), made and placed in 1991, Jacob Catsstraat corner Waterloostraat.

According to one source it was made by an artist called Ibrahim Giyim. According to Stroom, who did some research about it, it was made by students of a secondary school during a workshop, led by Ibrahim Giyim.

I’ve found no information about Giyim on the internet. As you can see the modest landmark was rusting away.

Recently Maarten Demmink informed me he saw the work was being renovated, so i made a new picture some days ago (scroll down) to show life is not that bad in The Hague after all.

Thanks to Stroom and Maarten Demmink for their investigations and information. Click here for a web page about the restoration (by the way, the object was turned 180º during the restoration)

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All photographs were taken in March 2016, except for the last one which was taken in May 2017.

Bertus Pieters