International Silence, Mute; Heden, The Hague

You could say art has become the platform of spectacle these days, both in itself as a way of expression and in the idea of Guy Debord.

Therefore it is an inspiring idea that International Silence (Twan Janssen and Johannes Verwoerd) has shrunk back our daily bombardment of pictures and noise to some colourless light and shapes and the names of songs on playlists without hearing them and without forced connotations.

International Silence presents its installation Mute in Heden.

In it the almost sterile but compelling role of 3D printing is remarkable.

Every impulse is muted almost by itself.

As such Mute is a very refreshing and reflective installation and it is good Heden has given it a platform.

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Content of all pictures courtesy to International Silence and Heden, Den Haag


Bertus Pieters