Saskia Tannemaat, Forgiven!; Twelve twelve gallery, The Hague

Forgiven! is the title of Saskia Tannemaat’s present show at Twelve twelve gallery.

It sounds like a word of relief, but to whom?

Are the visitors forgiven, the potential buyers, or the people in Tannemaat’s paintings and drawings?

As Tannemaat shows in her works, guilt is often used as a power tool, ruling those who are being used to whitewash the shame of society.

She shows this as a kind of theatre, sometimes as a masquerade, the expression varying from deep tenderness to violent expressionism, from a nouvelle vague movie to a masked ball.

However, the real power of the show is that there is a lot in between those differences.

The presentation is very good, giving you the idea that the works lost none of their spontaneity in between the studio and the gallery.

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Content of all pictures courtesy to Saskia Tannemaat and Twelve twelve gallery, Den Haag


Bertus Pieters