Thom Puckey, Thorbecke monument; Lange Voorhout, The Hague

I went to Lange Voorhout to see Thom Puckey’s new Monument for Johan Rudolph Thorbecke and to write a review about it for Villa La Repubblica. Click here to read the review (in Dutch).

Being a Puckey fan, i can’t say i’m a fan of this particular monument.

I explain that in the VLR article, so i won’t say much about it here.

The idea for the monument of the 19th-century politician, who was the founder of the modern Dutch Constitution, seems to have been stimulated by the present trendy wave of ‘adhering to our shared values’ in politics.

This pompous policy seems to have got an appropriate monument now.

However, i should say there are some wonderful details in the sculpture.

Although they are difficult to see, as they are all on high pedestals.

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