Sarah Carlier, Only Jesus Saves; LhGWR, The Hague

Some time ago i visited Sarah Carlier’s present show at LhGWR.

Carlier’s video’s are like moving photographs.

Something may happen in them with some regularity or sometimes even quite suddenly,  but the focus of the camera remains the same.

In the end things may have changed, but only in your mind as nothing really happened to the world you are looking at.

Anything may happen, but the situation won’t respond to it.

Projected together, these videos also stress differences in time and rhythm, sometimes even within one video work.

In each work all elements are present for giving  a consistent meaning to what happens or what doesn’t happen, but in fact all meanings slip away the moment you’re thinking about them.

Only Jesus Saves is a wonderful show to sit down in and change places or refocus now and then. Make sure you can take your time!

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Content of all pictures courtesy to Sarah Carlier and LhGWR, Den Haag


Bertus Pieters