Façades of The Hague #18


This is a public work of art along Maurits Kiekpad, a recently opened public footpath and cycling path along Van Alkemadelaan and Oude Waalsdorperweg. I have no idea who designed and made it, please let me know if you have.


There are three slightly differing elements, each consisting of a double metal pole, probably two railway-rails, and a relief of a strandline along the beach.

As Maurits Kiek (1909-1980) was a Jewish Dutch resistance fighter, who worked for the British and survived arrest, torture and imprisonment by the Germans, the work may refer to the holocaust and resistance during the German occupation.


Also Maurits Kiekpad runs from Scheveningen prison, notorious during the Nazi era, to Waalsdorpervlakte, a plain in the coastal dunes where many Dutch resistance fighters were executed by the Germans.

But the meaning of the work may be more prosaic: the rails may refer to the railway that once connected Scheveningen with The Hague and which ran in that neighbourhood, and the strandline relief to the water purification in the dunes area (thanks Willemijn Luijt).

There might also be a possibility that there was no professional artist involved in the designing/making of these works.


[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

All pictures were taken in March 2016.


Bertus Pieters


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