Ria Pacquée & Henri Jacobs, Complete Collapse; Galerie Maurits van de Laar, The Hague

Complete Collapse 01 Henri Jacobs, Ria Pacquée

Complete Collapse 02 Ria Pacquée

In Complete Collapse at Maurits van de Laar’s gallery Ria Pacquée (1954) shows photographs and videos and

Complete Collapse 03 Henri Jacobs

Henri Jacobs (1957) shows drawings.

Complete Collapse 04 Ria Pacquée

Pacquée’s work with coins Complete collapse – referring to the fall of Lehmann Brothers in 2008 – is the basis of the show.

Complete Collapse 05 Ria Pacquée

Complete Collapse 06 Ria Pacquée

She also shows circles in daily life in different places in the world and

Complete Collapse 07 Ria Pacquée

you can see circles in her videos.

Complete Collapse 08 Ria Pacquée

Complete Collapse 09 Ria Pacquée

In one of them she is running in circles around street rubbish in Antwerp.

Complete Collapse 10 Henri Jacobs

Complete Collapse 11 Henri Jacobs

Complete Collapse 12 Henri Jacobs

Jacobs shows some of his so-called Journal Drawings, works based on subjects that keep him busy in his mind the moment he starts a drawing, usually subjects with a strong geometrical input.

Complete Collapse 13 Henri Jacobs

Circles, the most perfect shapes in daily life, often occur in his works.

Complete Collapse 14 Henri Jacobs

Complete Collapse 15 Henri Jacobs

Complete Collapse 16

During the exhibition Jacobs is working on a monumental drawing, so there is a good opportunity to meet the artist.

Complete Collapse 17 Henri Jacobs, Ria Pacquée

Complete Collapse 18 Henri Jacobs, Ria Pacquée

Complete Collapse 19 Henri Jacobs, Ria Pacquée

Works of both artists are mixed, such that a wonderful combination of the outer and inner worlds make a complete world.

Complete Collapse 20 Henri Jacobs

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

Contents of all pictures courtesy the artists and Galerie Maurits van de Laar

Bertus Pieters


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