Tine Guns, Perpetual Moment of Pause; LhGWR, The Hague

Tine Guns 01

Tine Guns 02

Tine Guns (1983) presently shows a video installation at Lief hertje en de Grote Witte Reus (LhGWR) with self made footage of situations where people wear masks (such in preparation to her new film To Each His Own Mask).

Tine Guns 03

Tine Guns 04

Guns’ shows masked people both in a carnival-like situation or at a political demonstration.

Tine Guns 05

Tine Guns 06

People become anonymous and their actions turn into predictable rituals. The installation gives the viewer both the idea of being a looker on and of being a participant.

Tine Guns 07

Tine Guns 08

As a teaser to her film it works quite well. It also presents the moments very well where individual choices become anonymous.

Tine Guns 09

Tine Guns 10

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]


Bertus Pieters

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