Rune Peitersen, Safe Distance; LhGWR, The Hague

Rune Peitersen 01

Rune Peitersen 02

In his present exhibition Safe Distance at Lief hertje en de Grote Witte Reus (LhGWR) Rune Peitersen (1971) shows rearrangements of found footage from the internet of war, political violence and its results.

Rune Peitersen 03

Rune Peitersen 04

Rune Peitersen 05

He isolates the pictures in a more or less aesthetic way, in the mean time posing the question if aesthetics are a way of getting to grips with the potentially alarming content.

Rune Peitersen 06

Rune Peitersen 07

Rune Peitersen 08

Rune Peitersen 09

As such these works, which look a bit like fata morgana’s, can be interpreted as open questions, especially in the subdued and contemplative presentation in the gallery.

Rune Peitersen 10

Rune Peitersen 11

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]


Bertus Pieters

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