Façades of The Hague #3


Façades of two buildings with studios, Stille Veerkade. For some time the two buildings had a communal entrance (i.e. when I lived and worked there in the 1980’s).


The building on the left in nondescript style is of unknown (at least to me) origins. The tall building on the right was built around 1914 as a warehouse for a hosiery.


The two top floors with balcony and the ornamental head were added in 1918.


The ground floor and basement were once the second home to HCAK (Haags Centrum voor Actuele Kunst / Hague Centre for Contemporary Art), the first independent modern artist-run gallery in The Hague and one of the first few of these places in the Netherlands.

0080 Stille Veerkade

After that, Arti et Amicitiae replaced it for a short time and then TAG-gallery resided there until it closed its doors.

0081 Stille Veerkade

It is unclear who or what is occupying the ground floor at the moment.

0082 Stille Veerkade

[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

All pictures taken in March 2016

Bertus Pieters

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