Sybren Renema: The Milk of Paradise, Dürst Britt & Mayhew, The Hague

Sybren Renema 01

I went to Dürst Britt & Mayhew gallery to write a review for Villa La Repubblica about Sybren Renema’s exhibition The Milk of Paradise. For the complete review (in Dutch) and some more pictures click here. It is quite a deromanticised romantic affair. Above you see Thomas de Quincey’s grave with a mirrored quotation from a letter by Coleridge, almost as an alternative epitaph.

Sybren Renema 02
Sybren Renema 03
Sybren Renema 04

Renema’s neon lights remind you of the 19th century romantic facts, whether it is Death and the Maiden,

Sybren Renema 05
Sybren Renema 06

the Wanderer-Fantasy,

Sybren Renema 07
Sybren Renema 08
Sybren Renema 09
Sybren Renema 10
Sybren Renema 11

sublime mountain landscapes or

Sybren Renema 12

opium addiction.

Sybren Renema 13
Sybren Renema 14

There is also the sometimes life threatening hardship of being a brilliant scientist in the Romantic era and

Sybren Renema 15
Sybren Renema 16

there is a death mask constructed by Renema from the average of more than 30 death masks of great Romantics.

Sybren Renema 17

It is as cool and clean as it can be and still it looks devotional.

Sybren Renema 18
Sybren Renema 19
Sybren Renema 20

It a very good and likeable exhibition. In spite of, or rather because of the subdued presentation, Renema’s enthusiasm in his works is quite clear and will make you want to see more, either here or in Xanadu.

Sybren Renema 21
[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

Bertus Pieters

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