Now or never #3, GEM, The Hague

NON03 01

In Now or never #3 GEM presents artists who graduated from the Royal Academy (Koninklijke Academie – KABK) in The Hague in 2014 and 2015. This year’s is a particularly good edition, not just because of the good artists but also because their works are very well exhibited. There is a sense of unity in the show in spite of all the differences. Every artist has a space of his/her own.

NON03 02 Mirthe Klück
NON03 03 Mirthe Klück
NON03 04 Mirthe Klück
NON03 05 Mirthe Klück
NON03 06 Mirthe Klück
NON03 07 Mirthe Klück
NON03 08 Mirthe Klück

Some of Mirthe Klück’s works were shown at a small exhibition in Billytown’s Kitchen this summer (I reported about it here). I am eagerly awaiting even more new works.

NON03 09 Bjorn Barendse
NON03 10 Bjorn Barendse
NON03 11 Bjorn Barendse
NON03 12 Bjorn Barendse
NON03 13 Bjorn Barendse
NON03 14 Bjorn Barendse
NON03 15 Bjorn Barendse

The setting of Bjorn Barendse’s work in this show could hardly differ more from his presentation at the graduation show this year at the Royal Academy. His works, open to different interpretations, work very well together as an installation, as they did in his graduation show, but there is more breathing space for them in the GEM’s setting.

NON03 16 Jordan Herregraven
NON03 17 Jordan Herregraven
NON03 18 Jordan Herregraven
NON03 19 Jordan Herregraven
NON03 20 Jordan Herregraven

The works of Jordan Herregraven seem to be animal embodiments of human nature and compared to Herregraven’s graduation show they look quite naked and vulnerable in the bright lights of the GEM.

NON03 21 Martin Gabriel
NON03 22 Martin Gabriel
NON03 23 Martin Gabriel
NON03 24 Martin Gabriel
NON03 25 Martin Gabriel

Martin Gabriel mixes virtual reality, “real” reality and inner space in his paintings and computerworks.

NON03 26 Martin Gabriel

A very recent and quite interesting interactive work was on show at Noordwal 117 during Haags Hoogtij (the seasonal gallery night in The Hague). Disappointingly the program didn’t work when I visited GEM (please GEM/Gemeentemuseum, take care of these kind of things!).

NON03 27 Juuke Schoorl
NON03 28 Juuke Schoorl
NON03 29 Juuke Schoorl
NON03 30 Juuke Schoorl

Juuke Schoorl applies the human skin as artistic material in video and photography.

NON03 31 Elise Sothys
NON03 32 Elise Sothys
NON03 33 Elise Sothys
NON03 34 Elise Sothys
NON03 35 Elise Sothys

In the GEM Elise Sothys’ word-works have far more impact than they had in her graduation show. The you-me relationship between work of art and viewer in Sothys’ case is a strong and egocentric one that doesn’t tolerate any visual noise by other artists.

NON03 36 Lynne Brouwer
NON03 37 Lynne Brouwer
NON03 38 Lynne Brouwer
NON03 39 Lynne Brouwer
NON03 40 Lynne Brouwer

Lynne Brouwer explores the colours in waiting rooms etc. Though her photo book is interesting, i don’t very much see the point in her more monumental photo works. What is the point in duplicating the waiting room experience?

NON03 41 Vincent Both
NON03 42 Vincent Both

Vincent Both paints and draws on paper, or rather, he seems to draw from the paper, like a writer who sees his paper and thinks his text may be more in the paper than on it.

NON03 43 Olya Oleinic
NON03 44 Olya Oleinic
NON03 45 Olya Oleinic
NON03 46 Olya Oleinic

Olya Oleinic shows her Universal guide to everything again.

NON03 47 Mickey Yang
NON03 48 Mickey Yang
NON03 49 Mickey Yang
NON03 50 Mickey Yang
NON03 51 Mickey Yang

Those who admired Mickey Yang’s graduation show, as i did, will be familiar with her works presently on show.

NON03 52 Mickey Yang

I remember there should be smoke coming from this bowl, but didn’t see it when i visited GEM.

NON03 53 Esther Hovers
NON03 54 Esther Hovers
NON03 55 Esther Hovers
NON03 56 Esther Hovers
NON03 57 Esther Hovers
NON03 58 Esther Hovers
NON03 59 Esther Hovers

Esther Hovers’ presentation is about people in public space as seen by surveillance cameras. People become usually de-individualized in public space, but from the point of view of surveillance and security each person becomes an individual in another way. What’s more, these individuals could be you or me. What are you hiding in public space, while walking there? What makes you change your mind on a street corner?

NON03 60 Rixt de Boer
NON03 61 Rixt de Boer
NON03 62 Rixt de Boer

Rixt de Boer shows a video-essay-triptych about haystacks in relation to people and landscape in Central Europe. Surprisingly, the haystack is a monument of solidity in this work. It is also a peaceful and pastoral finish to this fine exhibition.

(More pictures of the graduation shows can be seen here and here)
(full reviews in Dutch of the graduation shows can be read here and here)

NON03 63
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Bertus Pieters

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