Nathalie Duivenvoorden in Tromsø; A Gallery Named Sue, The Hague

AGNS 01 Nathalie Duivenvoorden

A Gallery Named Sue shows Nathalie Duivenvoorden’s drawings inspired by her stay in Norway.

AGNS 02 Nathalie Duivenvoorden
AGNS 03 Nathalie Duivenvoorden

As she made them after pictures she took in the country with a non-professional camera, the remembrances have had their filters already.

AGNS 04 Nathalie Duivenvoorden
AGNS 05 Nathalie Duivenvoorden
AGNS 06 Nathalie Duivenvoorden

Duivenvoorden’s way of drawing recreates a kind of remembrance in which especially the light and dark play an almost magical role.

AGNS 07 Nathalie Duivenvoorden
AGNS 08 Nathalie Duivenvoorden

With her colour pencils the dark becomes glowing, as the blue does.

AGNS 09 Nathalie Duivenvoorden
AGNS 10 Nathalie Duivenvoorden

The works are still on show this weekend (i was a bit late visiting the exhibition) so hurry to go and see them, some of them are real gems!

AGNS 11 Nathalie Duivenvoorden
AGNS 12 Nathalie Duivenvoorden

Duivenvoorden’s wintery Nordic landscapes are well presented in the gallery, under the guard of Ignace Cami’s Flemish lion.

AGNS 13 Ignace Cami
[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

Bertus Pieters

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