Marius Lut at Stroom, The Hague

Marius Lut 01

Marius Lut 02

In Stroom’s sympathetic Ondertussen (In the mean time) series Marius Lut shows three works that will be part of an artist’s book, called Form no Form/The Black Series

Marius Lut 03

due to be published. Abstraction and minimalisation or reduction of shape
and redefining its structure and outlook are Lut’s trade. Black, dimness, gloss,

Marius Lut 04

reflection, etc are all part of the game. It makes these particular works very difficult to photograph. But altogether it also shows that you have to see art in real. There

Marius Lut 05

is very little time left to do so (only this weekend) as I was very late visiting this exhibition. Do take a look, if you can. It made me all the more eager to see the book.

Marius Lut 06
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Bertus Pieters