Nies Vooijs at Heden art centre, The Hague

Nies Vooijs 01
Nies Vooijs 02

To write a review for the Villa La Repubblica blog (read the full article here – in Dutch, and see some more pictures) about Nies Vooijs’ exhibition,

Nies Vooijs 03
Nies Vooijs 04

I visited Heden art centre where she presently has an exhibition at the centre’s gallery.

Nies Vooijs 05
Nies Vooijs 06
Nies Vooijs 07

Vooijs obtained the Heden Oeuvre Award last year for an oeuvre spanning some thirty five years.

Nies Vooijs 08
Nies Vooijs 09

The prize is given to artists who have reached an age of (some kind of) wisdom and have created an inspiring and consistent body of work throughout their careers in The Hague.

Nies Vooijs 10
Nies Vooijs 11

There is certainly no lack of consistency or of inspiration in Vooijs’ works.

Nies Vooijs 12
Nies Vooijs 13

In the exhibition she shows a few oils from the 1980’s and more recent works.

Nies Vooijs 14
Nies Vooijs 15

Her works are particularly difficult to describe. They are neither figurative nor abstract, neither narrative nor conceptualist.

Nies Vooijs 16
Nies Vooijs 17

It sounds like a terrible cliché, but they are just themselves.

Nies Vooijs 18
Nies Vooijs 19
Nies Vooijs 20

In the basement of the gallery is her big cash book with cuttings from newspapers and magazines and there are cuttings and small objects pinned to the wall as well. You could call it a room of inspiration.

Nies Vooijs 21
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