Mark van Overeem, A Wish in Return; GEM, The Hague


It is a splendid idea to give Mark van Overeem a solo show in the GEM. Van Overeem’s works of the last years are very explorative and it was about time to bring some works together.


Part of the exhibition is the installation A Wish in Return, specially made by Van Overeem for the basement of the gallery.


The installation is based on Van Overeem’s experiences in Israel with the wall that separates Israeli claimed territory from Palestine.

Mark van Overeem 05

GEM provides the visitor with a grey blanket and a flashlight to explore the installation, which i did.

Mark van Overeem 06
Mark van Overeem 07

Within the framework of a dark park along concrete walls Van Overeem confronts you with his games of projection, reflection, duplication and false and real shadows.

Mark van Overeem 08
Mark van Overeem 09

He plays more or less the same kind of games in the rooms of the gallery’s ground floor.

Mark van Overeem 10

You may constantly ask yourself the question, is this real?

Mark van Overeem 11
Mark van Overeem 12

And if something is not real, why isn’t it, or why shouldn’t it be real?

Mark van Overeem 13

What is the definition of something real?

Mark van Overeem 14
Mark van Overeem 15

What makes a photographic image more real than a photo-like painting?

Mark van Overeem 16

What is the reality of perspective?

Mark van Overeem 17
Mark van Overeem 18

Well, it is Plato all over again, i guess, but with different outcomes.

Mark van Overeem 19
Mark van Overeem 20

Altogether it is a very enjoyable exhibition, showing the works of an artist who is a strong visual thinker in the first place.

Mark van Overeem 21
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Bertus Pieters